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I recommend that you check out the above video before, or after reading the article. The movie is not mine, but as you know, no one is infallible, a pickup via the Internet it is a very complex topic – so it's worth it, that you get your knowledge from two independent sources, to understand better how to pick up a girl on the internet.

Internet pickup it's a great start, Regarding overcoming shyness and it is worth using this method. However, itself can also bring very interesting effects, in the form of new acquaintances, and often successful relationships.

I will try to collect all tips for picking up online in this article, when it comes to type dating sites Tinder whether Badoo, and generally answer all your questions in style “how to start an internet conversation“, or even better, “how to pick up a girl on the internet“.

I am writing about these two portals here, because most people ask about it. For my part, however, I recommend using smaller, niche dating sites.

The biggest portals (and Tinder in particular) are made for real handsome guys.Take a look at viewing profiles on each of them – literally, 95% the screen is occupied by the profile picture. All the rest of the information goes to the background.

So if so do I., you are not the guy, whose appearance could be objectively to evaluate, as strong 8/10, then I recommend you to use my list of portals, which are friendlier to people of our kind – the photo plays a slightly less important role there, and much more attention is paid to the other elements of the profile.

  • Planet of love – Former "Flirt". I do not know why, but women, I got to know there, they were exceptional easy – I also recommend this option, if you want to meet someone quickly.
  • eroded – Portal focused mainly on eroticism. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of really perverted women there, with whom or dated, or just talking about sexual fantasies. I was able to establish a few there as well longer relationships, therefore I do not include it on the list below.
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Facebook vs Dating Portals – Where Better To Pick Up?

The way to do it how to pick up on a tinder, Badoo, or any other strictly dating site is fundamentally different from pickup by messenger. Most people recognize the unequivocal superiority of dating websites, however, in my opinion it is not as obvious as it might seem.

Both Tinder and Badoo, and Facebook Messenger have their pros and cons.

An undoubted advantage of dating websites is the fact, that we are writing there with women, who are looking for a man – with that in mind, they use these applications. Theoretically, this increases our chances, however, in practice there is also a second bottom.

You have to keep in mind, that on dating sites apart from open to a new relationship of women, there are also tons of men looking for the same. Statistically, for one woman there is from 5 do 20 men, depending on this, which portal we choose.

So women are bombarded with messages from men and simply don't have time to reply to all of them – and if they have a lot to choose from, then of course they choose these, which they like best. So you have to make, so that your message is this one, which will interest a girl on a dating site enough, to write back for you. You have to stand out from all this crowd of men.

Facebook, in turn, has this advantage, that it is rarely used to meet people. You'll have much less competition on Messenger – unfortunately at the cost of this, that a much smaller proportion of women will be interested in meeting a new person.

In this post, however, I will focus on dating sites. I will describe the Messenger pickup in a separate article in some time – “stay tuned”.

jak poderwać dziewczynę przez internet
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Stand out – This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in Podrywa Via the Internet

Using Tinder, Badoo, or whatever different dating site (like eroded, which I already mentioned), is a fantastic way to meet women quickly and stress-free.

Thanks to this medium, we have great opportunities and access to thousands of women every day – those more and less attractive. Blonde, brunettes, redheads, lean, thick, low, tall… Literally everything, what your heart desires.

Unfortunately, this is only one side of the coin, because there are many more than just women on the big dating sites, but also men, who write to them. 

For our luck (and unfortunately for women) 90% men on the websites do nothing that distinguishes them in a valuable way from the thousands of profiles women can see every day. Nay, they do a lot of things, which immediately disqualify them in the eyes of a potential partner.

I've met a lot of women over the Internet, and although I'm not passionate about this style of meeting new people, it was at some point in my life that I decided to learn this too.

When creating a profile on any portal, you first of all want to, for a woman to choose you. So that when you write to her, you have a much better chance of it, that he will notice and reply to your message.

It is not an easy task considering the huge competition, especially on Tinder-type portals, or Badoo, used by the vast majority of people.

Basic question, what you should ask yourself when you start playing pick-ups on the internet sounds:

„What distinguishes me?”

or, if you can't find the answer, replace them with a question:

„WHAT COULD make me stand out from all other men?”

jak zagadać do dziewczyny przez internet

Good Phoenix, but… Why should I stand out?

Because that's how the world works.

Because on any dating site, for ONE woman A dozen, or even A FEW TEN men. Of course, on niche type portals We're flirting, this ratio will be much more favorable, however, women are still a minority there.

Because, to be successful with the best women YOU HAVE TO stand out from the crowd. Take as much time as you need to do it.

If you think, that you can write something like „Hello. Excuse me, that she writes but you are so beautiful and I wonder if you feel like clicking”…. You are grossly mistaken. The women get dozens such messages throughout the day – so why would they write back to you?

Be aware of this, that she is unable to see what a valuable person you are based on the photo alone and / or one message you send to her.

You can be the most valuable guy in the world, if you do, that no one will enter your profile, the effect will be zero. Showing yourself in unique valuable is the basis. I emphasize the valuable way, which doesn't mean showing yourself as a clown or a show-off.

jak podrywać na tinderze

So how can I stand out on dating sites?

Start with the basics, that is, from building a valuable profile.

Choose a photo, which attracts attention. Don't even think about inserting a bare chest, no matter how extensive it was – women on Tinder see such pictures several times a day. Choose something intriguing.

The same goes for the description. Take care of its correct syntax and valuable content, adapted to your person. You have to show it, what's best in you and fit into w 500 characters. Difficult? Not necessarily, which you will see in a moment.

What Photo To Choose On The Dating Site

Good Photo For Tinder – A guide from Phoenix

On the portal, on which you created the profile, enter the search engine and find men in the age range in which you want to pick up women. If you are interested in women aged 20 – 25 years. It is obvious, that they will be interested in guys aged 20 – 28. See what profile photos they post. You'll notice quickly, that many of them are the same and that you can easily sort them into groups.

Now think about it:

„What should your photo be, so that against the background of all these profiles, it was immediately noticeable to the woman?”

You have to stand out, because women searching tens of profiles out of hundreds of thousands of existing ones are to see and choose just you. And it is worth mentioning here, that while browsing such a large number of photos, one cannot look at all of them – our brains just eat they scan, until they find something special.

Once you've managed to choose a photo, that sets you apart, Consider: Does it really increase your value (shows you as a cool guy) whether it lowers it?

Many men wanting to show themselves as „great” he takes a picture of himself in front of a fancy cart at a car show. It's obvious, that the car does not belong to them. Thus, it comes out on the person, which „tries too hard ".

So if you are "Poor Grzesiek from Podlasie", then do not try to present yourself as a "businessman from Warsaw", because it only makes you laugh. And you don't want this.

Likewise, taking a photo without a shirt is not a smart move. Then you come out on a show-off after the gym, which only has to offer are your muscles. Epic Fail.

Women enter the profiles of men, who have an interesting photo.

There is a huge range of possibilities, and it really is whether the photo presents value or lowers it, It depends on many factors. if you want, for me to comment on your idea and assess if in my opinion this photo will be a good choice, just email me.

You can also ask a friend about it, or simply check it in practice. By checking it in practice, however, I recommend changing your location on the portal – you don't want to, so that a failed attempt crossed you in the eyes of women from the area, that interest you, truth?

Profile description on Tinder / Badoo – How to write it right

Good Tinder Description – A guide from Phoenix

First of all, make sure you have the correct Polish language. Nobody likes reading descriptions, or news, which contain a lot of spelling mistakes, they don't have commas, or their submission suggests, that a 7-year-old child wrote them.

As for the content, then you have to consider what you want to represent yourself. There is no universal recipe for an original description.

Ideally, write something about your interests, but don't reveal everything at once. Bet on a hint of mystery, which will motivate the girl to send a message.

More than content, form matters, in which it will be presented – in fact, the style in which you describe yourself says more about you, than the content of the description itself.

It follows from my observations, that:

  1. "I'm kind, friendly, blablabla” – Did not work, it is tedious, monotonous and only takes away valuable characters in the description, we can add so little.
  2. Quotes from famous people – they work great, especially when read by a woman interested in the works of the quoted person.
  3. A controversial joke, black humor, etc.. – This is one of my favorite 'tricks'. Maybe he'll dismiss some women from your profile, however, it will splash very heavily on the latter part, with a similarly unusual sense of humor – decide yourself, which part you want to target.
tinder poradnik

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How To Start A Conversation On Tinder – Or any other dating site

The next one, a very important step is to send a message to a woman. It really is 90% men on dating sites has no idea how to talk to a girl over the internet.

Every now and then I get questions like “how to talk to a girl on badoo“, “how to talk to a girl on tinder“, whether “how to talk to a girl on messenger“. Believe it, there are a LOT of such questions.

It used to be enough to have a club, big muscles and hunt some animal, to win the heart of your chosen one. But that was a long time ago, Priorities changed from age to age, completely different values ​​became the social determinant. This is how we found ourselves on the path of evolution in the 21st century, where the global village called the Internet has taken over our civilization. For this reason, valuable women instead of looking for their other half as her ancestors did, trying to find his happiness using the Internet.

poradnik tinder

List of Messages from the Eyes of a Woman

Top girls of the day and very attractive women get dozens of messages, most of them having the same content. In fact, the less attractive ones are also inundated with such messages, to a slightly lesser extent.

If you don't believe me, do a little experiment: create a female profile, spread some hearts to the guys around you and keep an eye on your message list.

Women are spammed by mediocre people all the time, so you should know, that valuable women are NOT READ ALL THE NEWS! They only scan them with their eyes and pick these, which somehow stand out and attract their attention.

The girl has a list for example 30 messages. Her eyes flickered to look at the titles, or first sentences and avatars displayed on the side. It only selects these, that will interest her, then checks the entire content of the message. So think about it, what the girl will see in the first moment and what you should pay attention to, to interest her immediately.

Pay attention to these aspects first:

  • Interesting title / first sentence
  • Unique, interesting, encouraging to click on the profile photo
  • Is what you write provocative
  • Do you show yourself from the side „different than everyone”
  • Does the first sentence arouse your curiosity and encourage you to read the whole thing?

remember, that the title doesn't have to make logical sense. It doesn't even have to be related to the content of the message itself. The title's job is simply to get her to click on the message – such a little clickbait.

jak zacząć rozmowę z dziewczyną przez internet

First Message To Girl – How to write it WELL

Primarily it is unacceptable to make mistakes spelling! 

We have so many great tools, which correct our spelling – don't forget about them, use them at will, if you are not sure, are you typing correctly.

Thanks to that, not only do you have the opportunity to improve your spelling knowledge, but you won't make a mistake, which for intelligent people is very blatant and may consequently erase you in the eyes of a woman.

This is not the time to explain yourself „dysfunkcjami”, After all, you won't tell every woman this every time. Otherwise, how would she know after the first message you sent her.

Think what would happen if such a small thing were to decide your failure… So do something, to prevent this. It costs you nothing, so only good intentions are enough.

Co Napisać W Pierwszej Wiadomości Na Tinderze

What To Write In The First Message

Another important point is the very beginning of the conversation and your attitude when you want to write her first message.

Realize, that each woman should be approached individually. There is not one, specific, the best and most reliable way to do this how to start a conversation with a girl over the internet.
remember, that maybe you are already talking to the tenth girl today and it has become a kind of routine for you.

But it doesn't really matter, because the woman to whom you are writing the message sees you for the first time and for her it is the only unique first time with you.

From that one, the first message depends on what patch will be applied to you and how you will have to act in subsequent messages. Contrary to appearances, women can notice, whether the message you sent to her is copied, or maybe you just made it up.

Take a few minutes to do this, to find something interesting in her profile and write about it instead of copying the same message over and over again. Thanks to this, you will not only be different from everyone else, but it will also help you develop an intuition of what works, and what does not.

remember, that in seduction via the Internet you have the opportunity to analyze your statements and refine them before sending. Everything you want to send can be thought over and changed as many times as you want, until you finally create something that will bring you one step closer to success.

So let's focus on starting the conversation. Let's start with hopeless compliments.

What do you think, how many men before you wrote to her in the style of “you are beautiful, You are wonderful” and so on?

If you don't know, let me know – FEW HUNDRED!

That's why, such texts instead of getting the effect you want, you will turn out to be the next, with nothing that stands out with the profile on the server.

If you've already got it into your head, that making no sense, schematic compliments is not the way to go, then you can go to the next stage, or:

Pay attention to yourself in the first message

Show yourself something special, do something no one has ever done before you. Because I know, it might be difficult at first, I decided to help you in this based on an example.

You go to the profile and see a lot of pictures with the dog. What will you write? Is that a good starting point?

From my point of view, I will tell you, what would I write.

First, I would try to find out the sex of this dog, if possible, and that we rely only on a hypothetical example, let us recognize, that it worked.

Then he composes a message, to talk about dogs. Because I have my pet myself, he writes

„ Your dog would be a perfect match for my X, I guess, that they would be a beautiful couple, we must get to know them together.”

Simple truth!

Of course not that simple, like a "pretty doggy" message, but I guarantee, that it gives much better results.

This example shows the entire strategy, thanks to which you will build a database of ready-made topics for conversation, and he could continue step by step towards his literary Itaka.

Jak zacząć rozmowę na Tinderze

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How to start a conversation with a girl – real-life examples

I will give you a few more examples of how to start a conversation. Before you read them, though, and perhaps generalize them as infantile, I want you to know, that they were invented like this, to fit the situation, or something characteristic in the profile of the woman I wrote to. Hence their high efficiency.

First example:

„If someone offered you an unusual date that you have always dreamed of, what would your reaction be? ?”

Second example:

„I'm looking for real friendship”

Third example:

„Ach ta technologia, if not for her …”

after a short time, a second message with the content

„… I would never write to you”

Fourth example:

„You know how beautiful night sounds?”

The examples provided are not for that, for you to copy and use, just so that you have the motivation to create always new and interesting messages.

I assume, that thanks to this you will be able to start a conversation because, without discussing it, I will give you some tips thanks to which, you will be able to reach your destination.

jak poznać dziewczyne przez internet

Some Additional Tips for Pick Up Online

  • Use NICHE portals, such as eroded, or We're flirting (in the future I will add more websites of this type that I recommend)
  • The rule of thumb is not to write too much about yourself, don't tell her who you are – let her fight for it, let him gradually discover your personality.
  • Don't reveal your intentions – no matter what they are, you don't have to explain yourself in the end.
  • Be mysterious. You make it, that she will do a lot more for you than she thinks. Besides, it is known for a long time, that a woman's curiosity aroused by a man, it's a really powerful weapon, which you can use at will. I guarantee it to you, that it only helps you succeed.
  • Write back very slowly to her messages. You do not need to rush. You have time and remember, that you gain a lot from it.
  • Until the very end, keep her in the dark who you really are.
  • Don't insist on meeting, let her think, that this is her initiative. Man has it to himself, that if he thinks about something, it generalizes it as its own. Hence if it appears to her, that the idea comes from her, you have an advantage at this point. Moreover, if you start pushing for an appointment, you will automatically appear desperate, of which there is a lot on the web.

note, that it's worth being honest from the very beginning. remember, that a lie has short legs and will sooner or later come to light. A lie will only be good for one date and if you suddenly realize, that you want more, then either you get it wrong in your own fantasies, or you forget what you said and look like a trickster. You will actually be thinking about it yourself, so as not to fall in with a lie, instead of enjoying the nice moments you spend with her.

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