Pickup FAQ – that is, all the basics in one article

How to pick up at the club ?

First, when entering the club, talk to a few friends for 5 minutes. Put yourself in the mood of the conversation, Dance, with her friends. Don't waste too much time on this. While dancing on the dance floor, turn around and immediately approach some girl. Give her your hand and start dancing. You should be very social and entertaining in the club. Don't be boring. People came to have fun there and get away from the problems of everyday life. The more people you know in the club, the more social you will be and the more social you will be. You can come up to the guys, chat with them for a while, and then have them introduce you to the rest of the group. If you are dancing with a woman on the dance floor and she says "I have to get back to my friends."” Say "ok, meet me, with your friends ". Be an interesting man. You have to learn social dynamics 🙂

How to pick up on the street ?

You are very friendly to the woman and you say "Hi". You are waiting for her answer and “you seem like a nice and likeable person. I want to meet you. I'm Under ".

Then you speak ” let's go over here to the restaurant next door.

We will drink coffee and talk ". The most important thing is practice and sufficient self-confidence.

Primarily, to start picking up on the street, you can not be shy!

How to fall in love with a woman ?

Love is self-created. If you're a good seducer, women themselves will start falling in love with you very soon.

What to do on a first date ?

Make an appointment at the place, where there are a lot of people. She should feel safe, e.g.. in the park. Then start picking up. After some time, when you see, that a woman is interested in you, come take her hand. if you think, that the woman responds well to your behavior, you should kiss her. If you can, take her home and sleep with her.

How many years can I start hitting on ?

You can start whenever you want. One woman to 17-18 years of my jelly in my head. They don't really know what they want.

Should I pick up on the internet ?

So. Provided, that it won't be your only way of meeting women. Read the material on the topic pick up on the web, which we have prepared for you.

How to get a woman home from a party ?

It happens very often, that you meet a woman at a party and want to take her to your own apartment. You need to know who she came with from the very beginning. The best way is to just say “What are your future plans for the evening ?”. If he answers, that there is no say "Let's go to the club next door / let's eat something". Tell her, to let her friends know about it. Then say, “let's go home to me, I live nearby, because I forgot my wallet ". You can find your patent…

Why do I feel inferior to a woman ?

This is what society makes you think. See men's magazines. Editors show beautiful women, and then jewelry, cars, money etc.. Everything, so that you understand the diagram : you want such beautiful women ? You have to work on such gadgets. Even the most beautiful women never felt a reward. They paint themselves, they go shopping, they sit for several hours in the bathroom, all for this, to please the guy. Is that how rewards feel? ?

How to start a conversation ?

There are several ways to start a conversation. You can approach a woman with an indirect opening, e.g.. asking for an opinion on a topic, or the direct type of “I like you, I want to meet you". You can also come over and introduce yourself, “Hi. I'm Under ".

What should I say after starting the conversation ?

You can start a conversation on any topic, including the life of the president. However, I recommend talking about it, which will interest both of you.

When a man is attractive to a woman ?

The man is attractive to the woman, if : he is confident (Cunning and self-confidence are two different attitudes), has its rules, others would like to imitate him, is the leader, he has a sense of humor and is smiling, well-kept, is a warm person, I respect my time, has a hobby, he likes an adventurous life, no time to wait, when a woman is late for more than 15 minutes, is interesting, is a challenge for a woman, he is responsible for his own life, it cannot be controlled, he hates manipulation, he is not looking for approval, he is not perfect, he likes risk, is honest, a woman is never the most important thing in his life, he is not guided by his own ego, loves all women.

What is the structure of the pickup ?

Approach -> opening a conversation ->building attractiveness -> report construction ->closure.

What is a report and how is it built?

The report is an emotional connection, the so-called "soul connection". This is what connects you. The most important thing in constructing a report is mental relaxation. You have to be calm. The report is self-limiting between people. You can use cubes to build a report, palm reading (palm reading) etc.. However, you build a report with people every day.

When to start building a report ?

Building a report should begin after the first signals of interest.

What are signals of interest ?

There are many signals of interest. Most of the time you feel yourself, when a woman is interested in you. Sample : the woman asks you for your name, asks where are you from, she bites her lip, improves makeup, is smiling, touches you, etc..

What are negs ?

Negi are sentences that are meant to lower the value of a woman, e.g.. “But you have nice hair, what is the name of such a wafer hairstyle ?”. We only use them on the hottest type women : strippers, actresses, women of high social status. If you start using negi on ordinary women, you'll be considered a bum.

Do women love sex ?

So, very. More than men.

Whether by becoming her friend, I have a chance to be her guy ?

You will win the dart sooner. Bearing 14 years such things happen. Every seducer avoids the "friend" label, because almost in 100% it ties in, with the loss of a woman. Seducers, it is rare to become her friend. Often a lover, never a friend.

Now jokes aside – of course, that there is such a possibility, although you will have a definitely difficult task.

However, even on this blog you will find an article on this topic: How To Pick Up A Friend, or How to Get Out of Friendzone

If I am dating, I should call or text me ?

You should definitely call. You show the same, that you are a confident guy, who is not hiding behind the computer, or by phone.

How to get a phone number from a woman ?

The seducer takes the phone number at the moment, when it is impossible to pick up at the current time, or after a kiss / sex, to meet again. Just say, "It's great talking to you.". If a woman asks, “We should meet somewhere else. Give me your phone number". Practical 100% effectiveness.

Why did the woman cheat on me ?

Because women think very emotionally. It is enough to change her emotions and it is very easy to lead a woman. Someone showed up, more attractive than you. Perhaps he had more competence. A woman's betrayals are emotional! remember that, therefore it is not worth forgiving.

What am I supposed to do after the betrayal ?

Completely cut off contact with the woman at least 3 months. Start picking up on other women during this time. Relationships Nowadays, would have lived long ago, if not for the desire to stabilize.

How to perceive female sulks ?

Like a test. You should decant them. Don't ask why the woman is crazy. You should treat it like air and not react to it.

What to do, when the woman is jealous ?

Take her jealousy as a sign of interest.

Where to start ?

Your main problem is fear. We like the feeling of security. However, we never really have it. You should overcome your fear and your shyness, which also follows, out of fear. Start by approaching strangers, It will be difficult at first and the women will not pay attention to you. For the first six months, I had no success with women. Today I am a happy guy. Important, never to break down.

How to break up with women ?

You have to do it once and definitely. Don't talk about friendship etc.. Say, “I'll meet you in 3 months, until the emotions subside. Please respect my decision and please do not write to me until then, nor call ". You will save yourself, and a woman a lot of pain.

How to change a woman's decision ?

Change her emotions, and she will change the decision herself. Lots of men write to me, that their woman is flirting with other guys. You won't logically change her mind. If she's hitting on, Start hitting on you too. This is the only way you can, change her mind.

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